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A brief look into us

Who is the Dark Circle? Below is a brief analysis of the 8 primary members of the Dark Circle, going into a little detail about their pasts and behaviors.

Anthony- The oldest son of a preacher. His mother is borderline and used to be abusive, and his relationship with his father is complicated due to his disbelief in God and his open homosexuality. Resented by his siblings for his sexual orientation and ill-treated by his family, he hides his problems under a mask of superiority and undisturbed calm.

Matthew- Suffers from personality disorders yet unspecified and other various mental illnesses. Emotionally abused and tormented by other children for being different while growing up. As he got older, social interaction became difficult and awkward, verging on frightening and painful. Prone to depressive nature and feelings of intense guilt. Usually misunderstood by the average person, he's been discarded so many times, it's left him feeling like a broken, thrown away toy.

Joshua- Not as ill-treated as Matthew, he had a lonely childhood due to physical ailments and was often teased for it. As he got older, he developed a chronic, callous face to prevent himself from being further ridiculed. Has a masochistic personality, and believes he deserves punishment from above. Has little to no trust in those around him, and suffers from mild bipolar disorder.

Beth- The oldest child in a large Catholic family. Her parents have had a violently unstable marriage, and she feels her birth lead them to this unhappiness. She blames her family turmoil on her very existence, and has little to no sense of self-worth. On top of that, she had her heart broken by a manipulative boyfriend her first year of college, and has developed a distrust of men.

Amanda- Another child of a borderline mother, she suffered emotional and physical abuse from her mother and her various step-fathers. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, exposed to drug problems by the men in her mother's life and always feeling unloved for her weakness, she withdraws from people, and tends to be very detached.

Joseph- Born to a crack-addicted prostitute along with a twin brother, Joe was adopted when he was three days old. Growing up in rural Ohio made it difficult for him to be in a bi-racial family. He suffers from various attention-disorders and spent many years under the oppressive rule of his cruel twin brother, who has often exhibited sadistic and criminal tendencies. Engages in antisocial behavior, behaving irresponsibly and promiscuously, possibly as a form of compensation. It is believed he suffers from personality disorders unspecified, such as borderline, antisocial, and histrionic personality disorder.

Adam- Post-natal hearing problems caused a speech impairment in his early childhood, making communication difficult for him. Although somewhat ridiculed for this, he managed to avert most trauma during childhood that may have been caused by this. He still suffers from violent mood swings due to his inability to communicate, however.

Lauren- The youngest daughter in her family, Lauren's parent's divorced when she was only 7. Feeling constant pressure from her proud and overbearing father and her dramatic mother, she began to believe it to be inappropriate to express her true feelings very young, and tries to hide all aspects of her true self from people in an attempt to save herself the pain. She compensates by over-extroverting, and seeking attention.
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