The Final Emperor Beyond the Sea (emperor_a) wrote in dark_circle,
The Final Emperor Beyond the Sea

The World's Final Emperor.

"I, the world's Final Emperor, the one who holds the realm of man in his sovereign palm, shall subjegate you in the interest of those below me. Tremble before my power."
I am that which governs and rules. I cause order and structure to exist. There will never exist another who will create what I have created. I am the Alpha and Omega though I do not cause the Universe to exist I cause its continuity. Without me all would be darkness and Chaos. Others will try to ascend to my throne but none will be able to bear its burden. For with Structure and Order comes the insanity of supressed chaos. I bear that insanity for all of the world. What others see and experience is just a minor shadow compared to what I am. I am exposed and unprotected and I stand alone to guard the world from the horrors of Chaos and Darkness. The miniscule shadows of insanity that plauge mankind are in me a thousand fold. Without me all would parish in despair of insanity, darkness and Chaos... Therefore bow down and pay homage to your Emperor for if you do not give me that least bit of respect I will place my burden on you and you will die.

The World's Final Emperor

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