The Final Emperor Beyond the Sea (emperor_a) wrote in dark_circle,
The Final Emperor Beyond the Sea

A Dark Circle Prophesy.

The Dark Prophesy

And it shall come to pass that the world shall fall into darkness. Plauge, famine, disease and ultimately death shall prevade on all mankind. Heaven and Earth shall tremble in the face of this darkness and they will sell their souls to save thier lives. In this time of darkness there will arise eleven pillars of power to combat the Darkness of Chaos. They will defeat the darkness but its effects will last for eternity. To save mankind they will take the burden of the darkness upon themselves and bear it so that the rest of mankind will be free to live peacefully. This Dark Circle will protect and love mankind until their betrayal, then all of the evils that they had saved mankind from will be released upon all of creation and there will be nothing left but the four shining pillars of the

Circle of Light.

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