Qu'est-ce-que fucking dit?! (setzer_gabbiani) wrote in dark_circle,
Qu'est-ce-que fucking dit?!

Because I'm a bored lemming...

Year in review

-Still stuck
-Anthony is gone
-Joe moves to Warsaw, dates Brian, dumps Brian
-Joe starts showing signs of ACTUAL bulemia
-DOOM Magazine hits the virtual newstand
-Goodbye Beth, Hello Joshua
-Matthew goes into therapy
-Stupid LJ drama
-Sharon drives me nuts
-The Trashy Corner gets destroyed
-Adam just want some cunt, ladies and gentlemen
-Depressing birthday, great "late present"
-Trip to MO, and Kansas City
-Adam breaks a shitload of records in track
-Joe gets stalked by Canda
-Anthony and the Breadeaux Empire
-Maho Tsukai Tai
-More anime than can be humanly comprehended
-Fashion, fashion, more fashion
-John annexed into Dark Circle
-Blah blah blah
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