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Ok, despite Joe's drastic change from really evil slut to nice person, he's still very much a Devareaux- last night, he was over, and I was watching him talk on AIM- he logs on, and suddenly something like 750 people pop up, all of them local gay men (and a few African American lesbians, oddly enough), and Joe just acts like he walked into nickel-beer night at the Rusty Anchor. He's flirting with everything- but the funniest thing is he can't SPELL- LOL.

For some reason, he was reading what he was typing as he did it, which was the only way I knew what he was trying to say with his incredible mistakes. Example. He shouts out, "Oh, you're so sweet!" when a guy called him cute, but when he typed that same expression, it came out "Awwe, byuo'te sooswee1"

Somehow, he knew what he meant. Meanwhile, I was just laughing my ass off. Poor Joe. So cheap, so comical. He must hate it.

P.S. This is not an attack on Joe.
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