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The Official Dark Circle's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Official Dark Circle

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LMAO [20 Mar 2003|09:19am]

[ mood | amused ]

Ok, despite Joe's drastic change from really evil slut to nice person, he's still very much a Devareaux- last night, he was over, and I was watching him talk on AIM- he logs on, and suddenly something like 750 people pop up, all of them local gay men (and a few African American lesbians, oddly enough), and Joe just acts like he walked into nickel-beer night at the Rusty Anchor. He's flirting with everything- but the funniest thing is he can't SPELL- LOL.

For some reason, he was reading what he was typing as he did it, which was the only way I knew what he was trying to say with his incredible mistakes. Example. He shouts out, "Oh, you're so sweet!" when a guy called him cute, but when he typed that same expression, it came out "Awwe, byuo'te sooswee1"

Somehow, he knew what he meant. Meanwhile, I was just laughing my ass off. Poor Joe. So cheap, so comical. He must hate it.

P.S. This is not an attack on Joe.

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Because I'm a bored lemming... [02 Jan 2003|10:01pm]

Year in review

-Still stuck
-Anthony is gone
-Joe moves to Warsaw, dates Brian, dumps Brian
-Joe starts showing signs of ACTUAL bulemia
-DOOM Magazine hits the virtual newstand
-Goodbye Beth, Hello Joshua
-Matthew goes into therapy
-Stupid LJ drama
-Sharon drives me nuts
-The Trashy Corner gets destroyed
-Adam just want some cunt, ladies and gentlemen
-Depressing birthday, great "late present"
-Trip to MO, and Kansas City
-Adam breaks a shitload of records in track
-Joe gets stalked by Canda
-Anthony and the Breadeaux Empire
-Maho Tsukai Tai
-More anime than can be humanly comprehended
-Fashion, fashion, more fashion
-John annexed into Dark Circle
-Blah blah blah

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[11 Dec 2002|12:51am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

May I present the December issue of DOOM Magazine!

All new in this issue! 3 new staff members, new columns, bizarre news and gossip, and reviews for Golden Sun, Yawara the Fashionable Judo Girl, and Something Positive! Come on, read it, you know you want to!

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Cross-post [10 Sep 2002|08:40pm]

DOOM Magazine

Presenting our FIRST ISSUE of DOOM Magazine!

Everyone look, it means a lot to John and I. So READ, mortals!

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[16 Jul 2002|12:14am]

[ mood | Argony* ]

Prepare yourself, oh Universe! Prepare to be expunged in all 64 colors of my WRATHFUL DARKNESS!

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LMFAO!!! [08 Jul 2002|02:22pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Due to a severe mental illness, too much free time, and bad skills in PSP, I have created three concept pictures of the Diva of Destruction...


Diva of Destruction?Collapse )

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[08 Jul 2002|02:17am]

The members of the Dark Circle's Most Royal Society-

The World's Final Emperor, who reigns supreme in the realm.
The Druidic Queen, who lives as one with Gaia.
The Lust-Winged Princess, who sleeps with the world in her dreams.
Prinzchen, The Puppet Prince, who lays in wisdom and mystery
The Prince of Glass, who loves the broken and cherishes the lost
The King of Storms, who breaks the proud and cripples the strong
The Silver Princess, who longs for the past
The Golden Prince, who revolutionizes the present
The Empress Muse, who inspires all
and the Diva of Destruction, who ushers in a world of silence

They seek to serve the Universal Sovereign, who embodies all.
They oppose the Regent of Oblivion, servant of the No Realm, Void

And all was recorded by the ever-present watch of the Faceless Bard

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A Dark Circle Prophesy. [07 Jul 2002|11:27pm]


The Dark Prophesy

And it shall come to pass that the world shall fall into darkness. Plauge, famine, disease and ultimately death shall prevade on all mankind. Heaven and Earth shall tremble in the face of this darkness and they will sell their souls to save thier lives. In this time of darkness there will arise eleven pillars of power to combat the Darkness of Chaos. They will defeat the darkness but its effects will last for eternity. To save mankind they will take the burden of the darkness upon themselves and bear it so that the rest of mankind will be free to live peacefully. This Dark Circle will protect and love mankind until their betrayal, then all of the evils that they had saved mankind from will be released upon all of creation and there will be nothing left but the four shining pillars of the

Circle of Light.

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The World's Final Emperor. [07 Jul 2002|01:27am]


"I, the world's Final Emperor, the one who holds the realm of man in his sovereign palm, shall subjegate you in the interest of those below me. Tremble before my power."
I am that which governs and rules. I cause order and structure to exist. There will never exist another who will create what I have created. I am the Alpha and Omega though I do not cause the Universe to exist I cause its continuity. Without me all would be darkness and Chaos. Others will try to ascend to my throne but none will be able to bear its burden. For with Structure and Order comes the insanity of supressed chaos. I bear that insanity for all of the world. What others see and experience is just a minor shadow compared to what I am. I am exposed and unprotected and I stand alone to guard the world from the horrors of Chaos and Darkness. The miniscule shadows of insanity that plauge mankind are in me a thousand fold. Without me all would parish in despair of insanity, darkness and Chaos... Therefore bow down and pay homage to your Emperor for if you do not give me that least bit of respect I will place my burden on you and you will die.

The World's Final Emperor

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[06 Jul 2002|09:14am]

[ mood | royal ]

Another random DC fact. As a uniform policy, all DC members must have some sort of emulative pre-occupation with royalty and nobility.

Whether you be a member that has actually descended from royalty, like Lauren, or just a royal person in personality (Anthony: a queen, Josh: a prince, Beth: a princess), the need or desire to be as royalty MUST exist.

from this desire come the self-proclamation of domain.

Anthony, the Queen of Darkness
Joe, Queen of Sex
Matthew, Empress of Despair
Joshua, Prince of Glass
Beth, Princess of the Wild Frontier
Adam, The Draconic King
Emily, Animal Princess
Leah, The Girl Prince
John, Diva of Destruction
Lauren, Princess of Song (and evidently, of India)

So, part of being in the Dark Circle is to live a noble life- just not in the same sense you'd get from REAL nobility.

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HORRIBLE NEWS [04 Jul 2002|07:32pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

The Trashy Corner... IS NO MORE!!!

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Emo alert [02 Jul 2002|01:27am]

antonin1784: well maybe...
antonin1784: you know i could just be pretending I am as cold as steel

entpsetzer: damn, I feel like crying tonight
antonin1784: so did joe do anything stupid today?
entpsetzer: i don't know
antonin1784: i don't think i can anymore
entpsetzer: yeah

entpsetzer: why are we all so messed up?
antonin1784: because we are the dark circle...if we were ok...we wouldn't be the dark circle

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[24 Jun 2002|01:18pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

BEHOLD! I stand before you naked and unashamed, I am the Diva of Destruction, a Songstress of Terror, Seductress of the dark, and the Bride of Satan. I shall command my vast army of eunuchs to rise up against the foolish mortals of this earth, my sexual playground. I am also known as Edea Kramer. This is all.

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hullo [21 Jun 2002|11:47am]

I just wanted to see what my icon looked like

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A brief look into us [19 Jun 2002|11:40pm]

[ mood | analytical ]

Who is the Dark Circle? Below is a brief analysis of the 8 primary members of the Dark Circle, going into a little detail about their pasts and behaviors.

Anthony- The oldest son of a preacher. His mother is borderline and used to be abusive, and his relationship with his father is complicated due to his disbelief in God and his open homosexuality. Resented by his siblings for his sexual orientation and ill-treated by his family, he hides his problems under a mask of superiority and undisturbed calm.

Matthew- Suffers from personality disorders yet unspecified and other various mental illnesses. Emotionally abused and tormented by other children for being different while growing up. As he got older, social interaction became difficult and awkward, verging on frightening and painful. Prone to depressive nature and feelings of intense guilt. Usually misunderstood by the average person, he's been discarded so many times, it's left him feeling like a broken, thrown away toy.

Joshua- Not as ill-treated as Matthew, he had a lonely childhood due to physical ailments and was often teased for it. As he got older, he developed a chronic, callous face to prevent himself from being further ridiculed. Has a masochistic personality, and believes he deserves punishment from above. Has little to no trust in those around him, and suffers from mild bipolar disorder.

Beth- The oldest child in a large Catholic family. Her parents have had a violently unstable marriage, and she feels her birth lead them to this unhappiness. She blames her family turmoil on her very existence, and has little to no sense of self-worth. On top of that, she had her heart broken by a manipulative boyfriend her first year of college, and has developed a distrust of men.

Amanda- Another child of a borderline mother, she suffered emotional and physical abuse from her mother and her various step-fathers. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, exposed to drug problems by the men in her mother's life and always feeling unloved for her weakness, she withdraws from people, and tends to be very detached.

Joseph- Born to a crack-addicted prostitute along with a twin brother, Joe was adopted when he was three days old. Growing up in rural Ohio made it difficult for him to be in a bi-racial family. He suffers from various attention-disorders and spent many years under the oppressive rule of his cruel twin brother, who has often exhibited sadistic and criminal tendencies. Engages in antisocial behavior, behaving irresponsibly and promiscuously, possibly as a form of compensation. It is believed he suffers from personality disorders unspecified, such as borderline, antisocial, and histrionic personality disorder.

Adam- Post-natal hearing problems caused a speech impairment in his early childhood, making communication difficult for him. Although somewhat ridiculed for this, he managed to avert most trauma during childhood that may have been caused by this. He still suffers from violent mood swings due to his inability to communicate, however.

Lauren- The youngest daughter in her family, Lauren's parent's divorced when she was only 7. Feeling constant pressure from her proud and overbearing father and her dramatic mother, she began to believe it to be inappropriate to express her true feelings very young, and tries to hide all aspects of her true self from people in an attempt to save herself the pain. She compensates by over-extroverting, and seeking attention.

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[31 May 2002|12:24am]

Ok, here's the running total...

As of now, 8 of 8 of us are back in Ohio, but Anthony will be leaving this sunday, taking the total down to 7.

Is 7 enough to take over the world with?

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I will bring reformation to this group [29 May 2002|01:23am]

[ mood | Devilishly Evil ]

Or atleast begin actively making apart of my routine as to bring about a new reign of terror in this world and the next.

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Hey [14 Apr 2002|04:18am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

No one ever posts in here.

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The Dark Circle Poll [13 Apr 2002|11:46pm]

Poll #27867 The Male Dark Circle Poll

Who is your favorite male Dark Circle Member?

Josh- He's so charming! And sarcastic!
Matthew- How mysterious! And such high Magic Attack!
Joe- Ooh, so sexy, and so easy!
Anthony- What a gorgeous mechanical bitch!
Adam- I like pissy, abusive men!

Aw man, this community is dead

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[10 Mar 2002|04:40pm]

To the world's most terrifying, mesmerizing community! The Dark Circle!

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